Windows PC Sales Slump; Pundits Argue about Windows 8

Before I say anything else, I will tell you up front that I absolutely hate Windows 8 — It is one of the worst user interfaces ever created for business users.  While I see the benefit of having a unified user interface on tablets, mobile phones and on the desktop, I absolutely loathe Windows 8.

I first had exposure to Windows 8 while developing applications for Windows.  It was like the idiots who invented the annoying clippy, the Microsoft office assistant , was promoted and given free reign to destroy Microsoft from within.

This week, some analysts correctly pointed out that Windows 8 was hurting PC sales, and Apple’s PC sales increased.  Why?  Because Apple doesn’t force you to purchase something you don’t want.

Today, there was an article in that stated that it wasn’t Window 8, but tablet PC sales which are hurting PC sales.

I would have to disagree.

Most PC users use their PCs to do work; edit spreadsheets, play games, edit databases.  Windows 8 is built for information consumers who don’t work.

Windows 8 forces a consumer-only interface down upon the users, which forces them to take several steps to get to run a desktop to run applications.

I will not purchase a PC with such a horrible operating system.  If I did, I would install Linux or turn it into a Hackintosh in a New York Minute.

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