How to uninstall code collaborator

Smart Bear’s code collaborator is an awesome product.  I’ve used it in the past and when I was asked to bring some best practices into my client’s workflow I immediately suggested code collaborator.
Unfortunately, my fond recollection of code collaborator was from years gone by.  The newest version’s user interface is festooned with JSF-like widgets making it repulsive.  Gone was the clean web interface. 
I installed it on a Linux PC for evaluation.  The installation was flawless.  Unfortunately, I didn’t like the new interface.  So I started looking at other tools.  Then came a daily email from SmartBear.
That is when the e-mails newsletters started.  I tried to unsubscribe.  Then the next day, I got another one.  And another one.
The smart bear sales guy asked if there was anything he could do to help.  I said sure, it sure would be helpful if he could send me the ipchains.  Nope.   Couldn’t help.   Huh?  Ok.
Then more emails.  I finally asked how to uninstall.  “just uninstall.”
Here is how to uninstall Code Collaborator
First, you have to find the code collaborator:
cd /
find . | grep tomcat | more
cd ./opt/ccollab_server/
sudo ./uninstall
Next, try to uninstall:
$ sudo ./uninstall
X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication.
Could not display the GUI. This application needs access to an X Server.
You can also run this application in console mode without
access to an X server by passing the argument -c
Next, try to uninstall again:
$ sudo ./uninstall -c
Are you sure you want to completely remove Collaborator Server and all of its components?
Yes [y, Enter], No [n]
Uninstalling Collaborator Server 8.0.8001…
The following files and directories could not be deleted:
Next, delete the directories:
$ sudo rm –rf ccollab_server