A look at the New Mac Pro

For years, my home office was filled with obsolete PCs, discarded disk drives and generally looked like I was compulsively hoarding computer parts, or living in a failed computer repair business.

I would routinely purchase the cheapest PCs I could assemble.  I would upgrade even more frequently, to keep up with the demands of writing and compiling more and more code.

My strategy changed five years ago when I decided my time was becoming more valuable, and productivity was a competitive advantage in a world of outsourcing.  I decided I needed an “Ultimate Developer Rig.”

My strategy was to spend some serious cash to buy a serious workstation and not have to upgrade so often.  I had planned that I would upgrade once every five years.

Rather than build my own, I purchased an 8-core Mac Pro for my professional software development.  I leveraged VMWare fusion to run Windows XP, Ubuntu, CentOS, and Gentoo Linux. 

I could write software under Linux, Mac, and Windows, and software for embedded ARM and PowerPC, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices. 

At the time, the Mac Pro was the cheapest 8-core system out there when I compared it to HP and Dell. 

So when Apple stopped selling Mac Pros in Europe, I knew that an upgrade was on the way, or they would simply abandon the market.  Then in June, they unveiled a sneak peek of the new Mac Pro which should go on sale this month.

Ever since Apple first gave a sneak peek at the all-new Mac Pro, I’ve trying to rationalize purchasing one.  Unfortunately, I’m having a tough time doing it. 

But time will tell…