The $750 USB Cable Intelligence Test


We all know that marketers tend to stretch the truth.  But the audio industry plays by a different set of rules, because many “audiophiles” are simply too stupid.

I remember listening to a kid claim that he had to trim his audio cables to exactly the same length so the sound would arrive at his ears at the same time. I thought I misunderstood and I asked if he meant the speaker position.  No, he said speaker position didn’t matter as much as the cables.   Apparently in his universe, the speed of sound is faster than the speed of light.

Today, someone pointed me to an article, entitled the 2013 TAS Editors’ Choice Awards: Digital Interconnects.  In the article, the “TAS Staff” gave awards the $549 AudioQuest Diamond USB Cable, and the $750 Audioquest Eagle Eye USB cable among other expensive USB cables.

That’s right a $750 USB cable.  That’s not just a rip-off, it is an intelligence test.  If you purchase one, you’re not very smart.