Review: Fundamentals of Logic Design, 7th Edition


What is the best book to buy to learn digital logic design?  Well, it’s not this one.  That much I tell you for sure.

If you are required to purchase this, don’t get the kindle version.  You will find yourself flipping back and forth between the practice problems and the text in order to try to figure out what you missed. 

And trust me, you will figure you missed quite a bit, because there is a dramatic mismatch between the text and the practice problems.

I found myself mumbling things like, “Convert 111010110001.0112 to octal and then directly to hex?  What page was that on?”  Oh wait.  It wasn’t.

The book is filled with many such puzzles, where you try to intuitively fill the gap between what is presented in the text and the practice problems. 

This book doesn’t teach the material, it punishes you and forces you to look for better information on the subject.