Buyer Beware, Especially When Listing Agents Lie Like A Rug, Part II.

In the last post, part I, I described how we placed an offer on a property where the listing agent misrepresented (by omission or negligence) relevant details about a house, and refused to present our offer to the seller.  Furthermore, she told us that they were taking the property off the market rather than deal with our low-ball offer.

You can imagine our surprise when we found out they were holding an open house. 

I assumed that the someone neglected to update the MLS or websites.  There is no way they would be holding an open house after they pulled the house off the market. 

However, today we had planned to visit four other open houses.  I told my wife we would drop by to see if they really were holding an open house.

Welcome to Our Open House!

We drove up and sure enough, the area around the house was festooned with open house signs and arrows pointing to the front door.

We had been lied to, again, by the listing agent. 

We walked up and rang the doorbell.  An older man’s voiced graciously beckoned us in.  We knocked the snow off our shoes, removed them, and we started to look at the property again.

The real estate agent was talking with a couple.  The husband was talking.  I got the feeling he was the type that liked to talk, who liked to impress people with his intimate knowledge of unimportant things.  The agent was nodding and smiling.

We quietly drifted through the house looking at everything again.


I felt a sense of sadness when I looked into the nursery this time.  In a few months, the air outside will be filled with the sound of jack-hammers, the whine of diesel backhoes, and heavy machinery angrily digging through the cold earth.  The sellers must be desperate to leave this place.

As we drifted down into the basement, the wet musty smell had been replaced by incense, but the place looked different.  Even though they had added lights to brighten the place up, somehow the place looked smaller and more awkwardly laid out.  We saw things we missed before.

We went back upstairs and by then, the other couple had left.  The real estate agent met us with a big practiced smile.  He asked us to put our names down on a sign in sheet.

I looked at the information sheet and saw the disclosure booklet, which was had many pages about the surrounding community and remarkably few words about the “City project” and assessment.

I saw they had MLS printouts and I asked about the city project.  The agent said, "It’s just a little utility work; I think they did most of it already."  That was eerily similar to the lie my real estate agent was told by the listing agent.

They are actively lying to people to sell the house.

I had originally envisioned confronting the listing agent, but I felt sorry for the family.  There were no indignant declarations, or shouts; there was no confrontation or profanity.  We just left without a word.

As we left, a two young boys raced past me into the house.  A husky man with a salt and pepper beard followed.  Lastly, a small framed woman drifted by, holding an infant

She must have seen the pictures of the nursery and thought it was a great house for an infant.