New Mac Pro on the Horizon (for me)?

Some of the early criticisms of the new Mac Pro has been the lack of upgradability, a limited set of customizable options, and an extreme price tag. 

That appears to be changing.

OWC has debuted the first Intel Xeon Processor Upgrades for the new 2013 Mac Pro.  They offer turn-key packages; ship them your Mac Pro, and they will ship back your upgraded system.  You can also install up to 128GB RAM.

Next, LaCie has announced some very nice Thunderbolt 2 drive systems, available this quarter.

Lastly, Samsung has launched a 28-inch 4K UD590 Monitor for $700.  Dell is already selling the 28-inch 4K P2815Q for under $700.

This is definitely going to be an interesting year.