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Review: Craftsman Axess 32 Piece Driver Set

I picked up the Craftsman Max Axess driver set a few weeks ago and finally had a chance to use it; I’ve slowly grown to like it.

Honestly, it was an impulse buy which I rationalized as something I could use around the house.  I have a growing collection of screwdriver and security bits, and I’m always fumbling for a driver.

The set stands alone or can be purchased to augment one of the other Max Access mechanics toolsets.  This particular set has something the other sets don’t provide – a screwdriver bit adapter.

Generally speaking, the Max Axess system was designed to eliminate the need for deep sockets, and can be used where no standard 6pt or 12pt sockets can fit.

The set includes a hollow-shaft driver handle which can be used with the 1/4” go-thru sockets, with or without the included 3-inch extension.